Joe's Wrath

Joe is just another guy you may know who got swallowed by the corporate life. He never complains about anything, but after his work hours he enjoys watching ‘The Price is Right’ at the comfort of his one room apartment.

But one fateful day the Russian mob mistakenly kidnaps Joe on his way home. Once Joe realizes he is not coming home in time for his beloved show, he swears to spill the blood of every one who had wronged him.

It’s time for vengeance, and it’s up to you to help Joe fight his way through the mob building. Wipe out the enemies floor by floor using 5 different weapons in killing sprees Joe never thought he’d be a part of (the main part).

With gameplay inspired by famous pixel-art arcade shooters, amuse yourself with:

What it looks like?

Where do I get it?

Joe’s Wrath is currently available for sale on Steam, and GameJolt: